Return to the Breath

In our everyday lives, we spend so much of our waking hours running away from the present moment. We run around making ourselves busy, chasing whatever’s next. When we have a chance to stop this rushing and running, our thoughts are often consumed with fears about the future or regrets about the past.

The practice of conscious breathing is a way for us to stop running, quiet our minds for a moment, and fully inhabit the present moment with our body and mind. It can help bring us into a state of calm and ease, and leave us better equipped to face life’s circumstances as they arise rather than losing ourselves in constant worry about what *might* happen.

This brief meditation episode is highly influenced by Mindfulness of Breathing by Brother Phap Dung of Plum Village. Listen to meditations by Brother Phap Dung and others on the Plum Village Mobile App, available on iOS and Android.

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